Each new year brings 365 days of opportunity. And every success starts with a resolution—to be better, to start new habits, and to be more prosperous.

If you’ve resolved to make some personal improvements in the New Year, good for you. But why stop there? The New Year is an excellent starting point for new projects and resolutions that can grow your business, as well.

Here are some fresh ideas to get your business on a better footing in 2021 and beyond:

Resolution #1: Get Organized
As the saying goes, “Organization will set you free.” Maybe this will be the year you finally straighten out that shed, bring order to that disheveled garage, and clean out that closet.

Couldn’t your business use the same makeover? After all, organizing often brings clarity, which is good for growth.

If simplicity is your goal, here’s a tip: organization begins and ends with business data. Not just collecting it but compiling it into actionable dashboards and insightful metrics that allow you to prioritize and focus on what matters.

How Techneaux Can Help

We turn mired clients into data-organization masters. When it comes to data, there are five main areas that we tackle:

• Assisting in organizing and gaining control of data
• Improving access and quality to data
• Creating insightful, actionable, and easy-to-read dashboards and reports
• Increasing transparency across initiatives that leads to greater accountability
• Making data more secure

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Resolution #2: Learn a New Skill

Successful businesspeople often share one common trait: a lifelong passion for learning and personal development. And what better time to start a new path than the New Year?

But this applies to more than just people—businesses, too, need to adapt and learn new skills. And what better time to do so than now?

If there’s only one new skill for your business to develop in 2021, it should be data analytics/business intelligence. According to a survey of 500 business professionals conducted by software solutions provider MicroStrategy, 65% of businesses say they will invest more in business analytics, and 95% say they will invest at least the same amount. Only 26% of the businesses surveyed said that they were ahead of the competition when it came to business intelligence application, while most said they were at least on par.

How Techneaux Can Help

We love data. We use data. We teach data. For your business, we’ll build a foundation for mastery of two powerful Microsoft applications—PowerBI and Microsoft Power Automate, which can let you streamline complex tasks without the need for writing code.

Resolution #3: Slim Down

After a marathon holiday eating spell, who doesn’t want to shed a few pounds? Anyone who’s been to a jam-packed gym in January knows that cutting the fat is a very popular resolution.

What about your business? Could it also afford to lose some dead weight? More than likely so.

Automation can not only make your business more cost-efficient, but it can also make it much easier to run, as well. For these reasons, automation has become a very popular business practice; at least 31% of businesses have automated at least one function, and 66% were piloting an additional automation application, according to a global survey by global research firm McKinsey and Company.

How Techneaux Can Help

Too often, one specific process can drain your human resources. If your key people are over-focusing on running the business and not enough on growing it, Techneaux can step in and automate. Rest assured; you’ll be impressed with the results.

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Resolve to Succeed

Forget the cynics; New Year’s resolutions really do work. Research shows that at least 46% of resolution-makers stick with their commitment for at least six months. Not bad odds for something so difficult.

It’s not too late to make a few new commitments for your business. If you’re unsure where to start, try slimming down your overhead through automation, learning a new business intelligence skill, or organizing your data through business intelligence tools. Research shows these areas pay huge dividends, and you’ll be better positioned for success in 2021 and beyond.

Ready to Take a Leap into Your Resolution?

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