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Business Continuity

A Contingency Plan for When Crap Hits the Fan

Even a few minutes of service downtime can have serious effects on your business’s day-to-day operations, resulting in lower revenues, higher risks and dwindling customer confidence.

With Business Continuity services from Techneaux, your uptime is of utmost importance, and whether it’s from a natural disaster or a hiccup in your server, your services will continue running smoothly and your business operations functioning from sunup to sundown, 365 days a year. Our team will work with you to architect a plan to ensure your data is backed up, tested and always available to minimize operational downtime.

orange arrows for business continuity

Our 4 Step Process for Business Continuity

  1. Assess Risk
  2. Develop a Strategy
  3. Create a Plan
  4. Test the Plan

When a disaster hits, does your business have a plan in place to stay open? Contact us today to set up a free risk evaluation and learn more about how Techneaux keeps you running.