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Disaster Recovery

Protect your company the right way, the first time and everytime.

It’s a topic every business owner grits their teeth to: planning for the worst.  In one study, 60% of small and medium size businesses that lose their data shut down within six months.  Don’t let your business be a statistic!

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Techneaux carefully pairs Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans with your business needs to provide integrated protection that’s right for you and your data.  This pairing is done through the flexibility offered by services such as Axcient x360Recover, a well-established RPO balancing both security and choice.

Master Your Disaster

With Techneaux and Axcient x360Recover, achieve Business Continuity so you and your staff can stay essential and effective.

  • Minimize the impact of downtime
  • Ensure your staff stays safe and legal
  • Gain situational awareness
  • Keep your roles delegated and your permissions respected


When faced with an emergency, tap into Techneaux’s Disaster Recovery tactics secured by Axcient x360Recover.

  • Mine and obtain the data needed to start the response and regain control
  • Save critical time during an emergency
  • Resume regular business and recover vital records
  • Effective communication with staff
  • Organize the staff and assign roles to solve the problem efficiently and effectively

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