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Security Services

See how Techneaux keeps you safe through industry-leading security providers.

What can Techneaux do to secure your company, its people, and its data?  We invoke only the highest quality security platforms – the industry leaders and innovators – to provide a robust and bleeding edge IT security experience.  Security should never be handled with a set-it-and-forget-it approach, which is why we continue to keep your company in the loop with security partners that stay on top of trends.

We’ve partnered with Pax8, a platform-based cloud licensing vendor, to provide the highest quality software solutions that together form not only a robust security experience but also a hassle-free and simplified license billing solution.

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Protection from every angle

IT Security is a living, breathing thing.  It grows and evolves wildly and freely. With Techneaux and Pax8, stay confident that you’re covered. We license out platforms like Veeam, IronScales, and Dropsuite which each specialize in specific angles of security for your org. When combined, these provide 360-degree protection and readiness in less-than-ideal situations.

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