We didn’t set out to make just any old company. We wanted to do things differently. We wanted to create a company built around culture, not the other way around. But what is culture? Is it something that is defined, set, and left as words on a website or written on a wall? To us, culture is bringing our core values to life – honesty, integrity and respect.

But how do we do that? It’s in how we communicate openly, honestly, and with transparency. Not just with our team members, but with our clients. Let’s break this down. For team members to develop and get better at what they do, they need feedback. The feedback loop is essential to us. But, feedback doesn’t need to be negative; it can also be positive. You learn the most from your peers, especially when it’s timely and constant. Having open and honest communication helps people know where they can improve and where they’re doing well.

It can be hard to give negative feedback, and it can be challenging to receive negative criticism. That’s why we work hard to make sure we use the right words and that the person receiving the feedback understands the reasoning behind the communication. As mentioned, integrity is a core value to us at Techneaux. When you have integrity and respect for a peer, they know that they are in an environment looking out for what’s best for others.

Culture can also be about openness. Openness is excellent in communication, but it’s equally important in an office environment. At Techneaux, our office is open so that people can frequently communicate and in real-time. That, in turn, helps them be quicker and more efficient for the projects they are executing, and the problems they are solving.

So what does our culture have to do with our customers? Simple, when we have transparent communication, our customers get honest feedback or will be told when they are doing something that may not be in their best interests. In turn, we expect our customers to do the same. This communication gets everyone on the same page with a shared vision of moving their business from now to next. It creates a partnership that you don’t see very often.

In summary, it’s a win-win for everyone when everyone communicates openly and honestly in an environment that embraces the feedback loop. If you share our cultural values and are looking for a partner, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.