Enterprise Systems

Out of the Hard Drive and Into Your Hands

Your company’s operational data from the field is incredibly valuable, and being able to properly collect, organize and distribute it to investors and employees in meaningful and easy-to-digest ways can reduce pain points within your business and create a path to turning your operations into something more sustainable and profitable.

Techneaux’s Enterprise Services Team designs, implements and deploys solutions that help you dig deeper into your company’s data to produce key takeaways and actionable insights to help you make better decisions and optimize your operations.

Data Acquisition

Remote Data Collection, Communications Infrastructure Development & Design

Warehousing Data

Secure Cloud-Based, Virtual or Local Data Storage Solutions

Data Distribution

Operational Data Distribution & Transmission

Normalizing Data w/ Enterprise SCADA

Data Modeling, Management Workflows, Utilization

Data Visualization & Analytics

Operational Optimization, Smart Reporting, Informed Decision Making


Dedicated Support, Temporary Staffing, Improved Employee Training

Let's Get Down to (Your) Business

When you choose Techneaux, you have a team of multi-talented experts with a passion for seeing you succeed by your side. Together, we’ll design services and solutions tailored to accelerate and improve your overall business performance today, tomorrow and beyond.

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