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Operational Support and Administration

Your Dedicated Team of Do-It-Alls

Without proper training or systems in place, one sick day or bad new hire could spell disaster for your day-to-day operations if you’re not prepared with a backup plan in place.

When you work with Techneaux you have a dedicated team at your side to help with more than just setting your systems up and getting your hardware right. We’ll help you with your company’s daily administrative tasks and employee training to ensure you stay up and running through sick days, holidays and beyond.

And, when it comes to new hires, our training systems are proven to help your inexperienced staff come up to speed more quickly than with traditional on-the-job training. We employ eLearning and ILT modules to make sure your new hire is fired up and ready to hit the ground running from the first week on the job.

We’re here to help. Contact us today for more information on Techneaux’s operational support and administration services.