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System Implementation

Set Your System Up for Success

No matter the design, without the proper hardware and software in place, you’re already operating at a disadvantage that could be costing you serious man hours and capital.

With Techneaux’s team of vendor-agnostic hardware and software experts, we’re well-versed in a multitude of products. Working alongside you and your team, we’ll implement your design using the best suitable solutions for your unique needs.

Our technicians are knowledgeable in a wide array of devices, hardware and software, including:


  • Allen Bradley
    • ​Micro800 Series
    • CompactLogix
    • ControlLogix
    • Stratix Switches
  • Emerson ROC 800
  • ProSoft MNET Modules
  • Proface Touchscreens
  • SCADA Pack RTUs
  • Freewave Ethernet Radios
  • TotalFlow
  • RedLion DSP Data Concentrator
  • Emerson ROC

  • Rockwell
    • RSLogix 500
    • RSLogix 5000
    • RSLinx
    • FactoryTalk
  • Connected Components Workbench
  • ​Wonderware
  • ARME
  • Ignition!
  • GE’s Proficy Suite
  • Red Lion Crimson

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