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Brown & Green Field Engagements

Whether you’re upgrading legacy equipment to meet the demands of a growing region or expanding into a new area, the need for scaling of operations in drilling, or an upgrade of field automation equipment may require new, improved or more reliable communication protocols.

At Techneaux, we understand the critical need of understanding what communications technology will appropriately meet the current requirements of your network while planning for your potential growth. We provide systems that are easily maintained and upgraded with little-to-no-interruptions of your daily operations, and can shrink or expand as the demands of your business require it.

We offer:

  • Technology selection
  • Radio frequency path profiling services
  • Interference study and mitigation
  • Communications for automation integration and interfacing
  • Communications protocol analysis and troubleshooting
  • Tower services (develop the requirements, subcontract and manage the construction)
  • Frequency coordination and licensing (identify appropriate frequency then work with coordinators)
  • Design and deployment
  • WAN, field backbone, last-mile and pad wireless systems

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