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Performance Review & Recommendations

Helping You Find the Flaws in Your System

Once a plan is in place and evaluations have been completed of your system’s current configurations, an overall performance review can be conducted that lets you know if an update to your technology is completely necessary for the expansion and growth of your operations.

At Techneaux, we function as a trusted business partner to your organization. We’ll never recommend a service or additional equipment beyond what your business needs, and we’re available day or night to ensure your system is not only up and running, but scales perfectly alongside your goals.

Our services include:

  • Performing link analysis on critical backbone paths, validating performance and recording baseline values
  • Network capture and analysis of SCADA polling to validate the network’s bandwidth and latency are satisfactory for current and future operations
  • Antenna system checks (coaxial transmission lines)
  • Overall critical site checks to record any physical issues that may or could become prohibitive to communications performance
  • Analyzing all data and publishing findings to the customer
  • Making recommendations, including all costs for recommended corrective actions

Don’t let a good plan go to waste. Contact us today for more information on how Techneaux can review your communications and recommend the services you need to stay in business.