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Advisory Consulting Services

Removing Roadblocks. Identifying Opportunities.

As the demands of your business change, your software should evolve.Outdated and redundant software can be a hassle to enhance, replace or even build a solution for, and can end up costing your business in the long run.

Techneaux offers organizations our years of experience and expertise by delivering technical services that can assist with gathering requirements, drafting solution architecture blueprints, providing technical assessments of purchasing options and identifying enhancement opportunities for your pre-existing software.

Requirements Gathering

Proper requirements are frequently the single largest reason for the success of a project. We assist with identifying requirements and producing a set of deliverables that tees up your project for maximum success.

Buy vs Enhance vs Build

Software solutions can be broken down into three categories:

  • Buy: Utilizing pre-existing software or Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Enhance: Upgrading a system you already own or utilize
  • Build: Designing a custom application from scratch


Not every solution requires a custom design to be successful, and many software options are available to meet many of the needs of your business. As your partner, we’ll help you assess which options are available and ensure they’re properly implemented as a part of your current services.


Companies frequently fail to capture the potential of their currently utilized software. Our enhancement solutions are tailored for the programs your business already uses.

  • Custom Plugins
    Many applications that businesses commonly use support plugins. Plugins are programs that can easily be installed and used as part of another application. Some examples of commonly used software that support plugins are Microsoft Office products (like Excel), Microsoft SharePoint, browsers such as Google Chrome, web platforms such as WordPress and many more.
  • ​Application Modernization
    We help revive old software that is no longer considered efficient, relevant or easy to maintain. Perhaps the code is modern, but the layout and architecture could benefit from some optimization to support new functionality. If your software no longer satisfies today’s business needs but purchasing or building a new solution isn’t an option, it may be a good candidate for application modernization.
  • Software Integration
    Small to medium-sized businesses often rely on paper forms and manual data entry to convey information between systems. Sometimes, employees will even use multiple monitors so that they can read information from one system and type it into another. What these situations often call for is a software integration solution, bringing together components of subsystems into one unified solution, ensuring that they function together as a comprehensive whole. Some other examples of common software integrations are creating entries in Microsoft Excel based on answers to a form, or integrating with Dropbox API to programmatically deposit your files where they need to go. Software Integration is a great solution for eliminating a point of potential failure due to human error and for saving time.


Our primary expertise, we design custom solutions that perfectly fit the software needs of your business. Our development team employs common industry methodologies to effectively manage the lifecycle of the project and meet any and all applicable deadlines.

Our goal is to deliver an application that not only works, but is easy to work with and supports growth in functionality over time for a true, end-to-end software solution.

Don’t let your software sit idle and underutilized. Contact Techneaux today for more information about our advisory consulting services.