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Common Solutions

Powerful Tools for Potent Productivity

Our team is always acquiring and improving skills to help us help you. We are very familiar with popular modern languages, powerful tools and open source technologies that allow us to rapidly develop comprehensive technology solutions for our customers.

Web Application Development

Web applications combine the robustness of powerhouse technologies like the .NET Framework with the overwhelming ubiquity of the internet. With zero installation required and perfect version control, web applications have become a common go-to solution for enterprises needing reliable functionality immediately accessible from any device across the globe.

Custom Web Services

Web services provide companies with the ability to programmatically push and pull data to and from existing applications without the need for human interaction. Through web services, our clients have been able to automate lengthy import/export processes, submit forms electronically and even offer their own automation solutions to clientele.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing services provide IT as a service over the internet, with delivery on demand and payment based on usage. Cloud services break down into three broad categories:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Software as a service (SaaS)

Cloud service providers such as Amazon Warehouse Services and Microsoft Azure Services can be great solutions for common development needs. We have familiarity with these services and can work with these providers to create solutions that allow financial investment in development, and not in acquiring hardware and managing complex environments.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are an excellent choice when your business has a need for a low-cost, lightweight and/or self-contained solution to run in inclement environments with limited network connectivity.

Custom Microsoft Office Add-Ins

Microsoft Office Add-Ins can quickly and easily provide your front office staff with the tools they need to reach that next level of productivity. Custom Office suites are a client favorite, and sport powerful built-in management systems that allow these tools to be automatically deployed company-wide, or granularly to specific departments, teams or users.

We’re here to help and are learning new capabilities to better provide you with a comprehensive partner in technology every day. Contact us for more information about the additional solutions we offer to your common and not-so-common tech problems.