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Maintenance Services

Flexible Support for Your Software Solutions

Your software is an integral part of your business’s day-to-day operations and, the longer it’s used, the more it becomes necessary for proper maintenance and upkeep. Without servicing your software, you could find yourself with slower load times, more bugs and an increased chance for complete failure and a loss in profits.

Whether it’s a custom job or pre-existing software, Techneaux is skilled in maintaining software to extend its usable life. We’ll analyze the current health of your system and set up monitoring and alerts to ensure smooth operation, identify issues before they happen and help perform software upgrades.

Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements as Needed

Bug fixes are infamous for solving the initial problem but creating more new ones. We help ensure that the bug fixes fix the problem and cause no others. This sometimes requires setting up automated testing or refining manual testing processes to identify problems while still in development or testing environments—not on live systems. The same approach can also be taken for new feature improvements. With great care and attention to backwards compatibility and future proofing, we can add new features to your system without the risk of creating any new bugs.

Monitoring and Data Visualization

As systems and businesses scale, it can be hard knowing if some hardware, component or workflow roadblock demands immediate attention.

  • Application Environments
    Application environment monitoring helps with confirming that your system is in full working condition. This could mean monitoring the behavior of software services or perhaps the communication between devices.
  • Workflows and Custom Processes
    We help you know when there is a roadblock or system performance issue holding up a critical process. Although workflows are a normal part of everyday business, not all workflows involve technology or support on-demand viewing of current workflow status. Our team is experienced in understanding your workflows and helping provide the technical functionalities.

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