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Migration & Update Services

Leave Your Legacy (Systems) Behind

As technology advances, old systems regularly become unwieldy, harder to use and oftentimes too slow to be efficient. New software and hardware, equipped with the proper licensing, is an investment in your business’s future that helps you operate more nimbly and effectively, thereby increasing the productivity of your staff and profit potential.

Techneaux’s migration and upgrade services help you update your outdated systems and keep your data and software properly accessible and ready to be put to work.

Data Migration

Data is a vital component to any business, especially as it becomes more modernized and starts to scale. Don’t let your fear of losing valuable data prevent you from sun-setting applications beyond their usefulness. We can help with moving and transforming your data in a way that lets you continue putting it to good use.

Software Upgrade

Software often requires routine updates throughout it’s useful life. Updates can be scary enough, so complete software upgrades can be nightmares! We help provide comfort by providing a comprehensive plan to executing a software upgrade so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Leave your legacy systems behind—without making your future more difficult. Contact us today for more information about our data migration and software upgrade services.